Training & Induction

Create efficient online training programs and inductions

By creating and delivering your training and induction activities online you can eliminate the time and costs associated with face-to-face delivery and can tailor programs to meet safety, quality or other industry regulations. 

Our comprehensive and flexible module system lets you create fully customised inductions, training, study programs, tests and exams that are specific to your organisation’s purpose and training needs. You can customise these programs for specific groups and roles including contractors and employees. Logins and passwords can be created to manage specific information for these various participant groups.

The in-depth reporting system allows you to take the hassle out of regulatory compliance and auditing as it provides a formal record of participants having met the necessary training requirements. Training records are tracked and are accessible at anytime. This is particularly useful for highly regulated industries such as Occupational Health and Safety.

With Mintox® you can create your own customised questions for your study program. Choose from a variety of answer formats including multi-choice, text fields, check boxes and dropdown fields. With unique validation functionality and the addition of visual aids and audio components you can ensure that participants watch or listen to the complete video or audio file and answer specific questions and components before proceeding to the next step.

Mintox® gives you full control over your evaluation process. Choose to set your training or induction to require a correct answer at every step or grade answers once the user reaches the end of the process.

With intuitive user navigation, the program templates make it easy for users to navigate themselves through the program, with back and forward buttons, a help section and the option to start again from the beginning. Your program can even be configured to show users their progress by percentage or module, and whether they have previously chosen correct or incorrect answers. This is ideal to let the user know where they are and how long they have left.