Pay Per Click Advertising 

 Maximising success in the digital environment

Many of your customer’s decisions are formed online and as web browsing and social networking become a core part of daily life, it is important to place your organisation where it is best seen.

The power of digital advertising lies in immediate, measurable and highly targeted results, driven by consumer behavior, demographics, geographic location, context and time. Effective digital advertising will build online presence, generate brand exposure, generate immediate website visits and leads, increase customer reach, and ultimately increase sales. We can even retarget prospective customers who have previously interacted with your brand.

We ensure that we identify the right market, determine ad budget and search phrases and build highly relevant ad copy around it.

Our campaigns don’t simply stop after delivering the ad. We constantly measure, review and report on the digital advertising initiatives and make sure that you are getting optimum results. Where necessary we will optimise and adjust copy and targeting to ensure maximum results. We also track User Behaviour all the way through to conversion (Conversion Rate Optimisation).

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