Ensuring the smooth running of your sites

We operate in a dynamic and increasing complex digital environment. Ever-evolving technology and continuous updates remain a key challenge for doing business online. That’s why our team of dedicated technical experts continuously monitor the infrastructure performance of your online applications.

Maintenance is offered in two different categories:

  • Free Maintenance
    Clients that are operating on our Mintox® software platform solutions receive free maintenance under Mintox® licensing. This covers the maintenance of server infrastructure, upgrades to operating systems, bandwidth and patch management.

  • Paid Maintenance
    Clients that have custom or bespoke software will require maintenance on these systems. You will require maintenance for defects that may arise, monitoring API’s, servers, custom scripts, upgrades and integration with 3rd party software platforms to make sure your systems and custom solutions are performing.

With over 18 years experience managing and maintaining infrastructure, our servers boast an uptime of over 99.8%. You can be rest assured that we work behind the scenes to ensure that servers are running efficiently and that server uptime is maximised to our high quality standards. In fact, most of the time you won’t even know that we’re doing it. We’ll oversee updates and schedule implementation, trouble shoot problems and ensure sufficient server memory and cpu usage.

For more information on Maintenance, contact a solutions consultant today.