Intranet Solutions

Improving internal communication and collaboration

A well functioning intranet allows internal stakeholders in your organisation to quickly and easily access information that they need, the moment they need it.

Mintox® Intranet Solution will introduce a superior level of efficiency for your organisation. Its centralised system eliminates duplication and inconsistencies in high-usage resources such as your corporate directory, policies, procedures and technical documents.

It is particularly beneficial if your organisation operates across geographically separate locations, needs to coordinate work across multiple teams or groups or you want to increase teamwork and improve internal communication. In larger organisations, an intranet encourages interdepartmental and divisional collaboration.

The Intranet is the perfect way to share policies and procedures amongst staff. You can add the ability for users to comment, rate or review news or blog articles to allow your users to interact and share ideas. Administrators can preview these contributions before they are published to allow effective moderation.

Key benefits of this solution include the news and blog section to share tips, resources and updates. For example, you could create a company or departmental news section or a tips and resources section.

Online forums are another feature that encourage communication and information sharing. You can easily add a customised forum section to your intranet where your users can ask questions, provide answers and collaborate on ideas. This provides a central place where different users can come together and share knowledge.

The scalability and flexibility of Mintox® Intranet Solution allows you to handle any amount of information with unlimited numbers of people or groups. The system allows users to access and share information and use collaborative tools that are role, project or team-specific.

Our comprehensive range of security and privacy options makes sharing information safe and secure and ensures that the right people have access to the right information.

Want to improve internal communication and collaboration? Contact us today to find out how an intranet will benefit your organisation.