Email  Marketing Services (EDM)

Targeted and measurable email campaigns

We’re experts at connecting you with your community, and through effective email marketing we’ll help you deliver targeted campaigns and content designed to increase customer loyalty, boost sales and create new business opportunities.

Email marketing delivers easily tracked results, meaning campaigns can be built on a proven foundation of success rather than relying on creative guesswork. We offer the use of e-Mail Campaigner, a powerful tool for managing your email marketing and databases. e-Mail Campaigner generates detailed campaign reports, meaning we can accurately measure your Return On Investment (ROI) and the behaviour of your customers through detailed analysis.

We have a wide range of email templates available that you can use to create the dynamic and engaging newsletters and email campaigns that your brand deserves.  Or, if you want to take your email marketing to the next level why not let our talented design team create a unique design that fits perfectly with your campaign and your brand?

Why not take advantage of ecampaigner’s free 30 - day trial today and see how you can create, manage, report on and integrate and email campaign into your organisation.



  • Template Designs
  • Custom Designs
  • e-Mail Campaigner

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