Corporate Directory

Company details at your fingertips

With Mintox® you can create a comprehensive web directory that lists businesses and organisations and their related products and services. From a single web page of suppliers to an entire site devoted to corporate directory listings, Mintox® makes it quick and easy for your users to find the exact information they require.

The intelligent search feature allows users to filter and sort by a range of categories such as industry or service.  The postcode search and location map functions make it quick and easy for your customers to find your stores or dealers. This is ideal for organisations that exist in multiple geographical locations, letting customers find the nearest office, supplier or shop.

Administrators can easily add and manage detailed company profiles, adding contact information, logos, images, service areas and more. Various complexity levels of the corporate directory vary from simple postcode searches to full web directories.

For an entire site built as a web directory, website visitors are able to manage their profiles letting the community keep your data fresh and up to date. A large corporate directory is ideal for organisations that wish to display large amounts of corporate data, sometimes charging users for more advanced access and information. Alternatively this system can be used for generating advertising revenue. Paired with the Website & Blog solution and effective content marketing, this solution can be a big traffic and advertising generator.

Peer recommendations play an important part in influencing users’ choice of business or supplier. With Mintox® you can create a customised rating and review system for your corporate directory allowing further community engagement and ultimately more traffic.

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