Careers & Recruitment

Recruitment made easy

Our Careers & Recruitment solution can manage all of your online recruitment needs. Whether you’re looking to post a job advertisement on your organisation’s website or build a dedicated site with a large amount of job postings, this solution utilises existing website traffic and saves on recruitment cost while building a database of applicants.

Visitors to your site can search and browse for jobs with the ability to use advanced search features making it easy to filter job posts by a range of categories such as region, job type (e.g. full time/part time or casual/contract), salary range and specific skill sets.

Mintox® Users can customise job boards by choosing from a range of appearance options such as layout, category, salary, location and job details. You can also set featured jobs to be displayed at the top of the board or relevant search results pages.  Job postings consisting of a job title and short and long job descriptions, can include documents, images and videos. Mintox users can nominate a closing date for applications for each job advertisement and Mintox® will automatically remove the job ad.

The application submission and management function allows you to set form fields on the application form. Applicants are able to submit CVs and cover letters and other required documentation. Automatic email notifications are sent to applicants upon receipt of their submission and provide further instructions and information.

Designated individuals within your organisation can be appointed to receive an email notification of each new application. Within Mintox® you can view applicants that apply for each position and see their name, application date, contact information and other details. You can also download any attachments they may have uploaded.

To manage your recruitment activities online, speak to one of our Solution Consultants today.