First WA Business to embrace humanoid robotics


You may have recently read about the Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki, Japan, who will be welcoming guests with robots in just a few months time.

Here at Clue Design we’ve been keeping a close eye on the development of this industry as we see huge potential for both ourselves and you, our clients. Six months ago we took the first leap and invested in three robotic units from Japan.

Following an extensive training programme, we have prepared new recruits Amanda, Becca and Cedric to field calls to the office and have run numerous live tests. This plan is currently set to Go Live on 1st June (just 2 months away!) when you may find Amanda, Becca or Cedric answer your call to our office.

Whilst initially our new recruits will only be answering calls, we have selected the human-like robotic forms because the longer-term project goals include utilising the robots in face-to-face scenarios with clients. Some of the more specialist skills we utilise on a daily basis may seem a step too far for androids, but as a forward-thinking agency we’re not ruling anything out and continue to be astonished by the capabilities of these robots.

We’ll keep you updated on progress and in the meantime, hope you are as eager as we are to move towards being an entirely digital agency.

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