Clue Design set to plunge off Central Park!


Clue Design is a very proud supporter of Anglicare WA and the amazing work they do for the West Australian community. In fact, we’re so proud that our own team is taking part in the Central Park Plunge this year!

On August 8th, come and see the Clue Design team "take the plunge" 220 metres (52 floors) down Perth's Central Park Building to raise some much-needed funds for Anglicare WA. We promise we won't scream!*

Our team needs to raise at least $4,000 to go ahead! So whether it's $5 or $500, every bit helps and goes towards an excellent cause. Please donate today!

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We’re also doing a special promotion for companies – if you’d like to get fantastic exposure for your business during this great event, we can wear your company shirt during the plunge!**


Simply nominate your favourite Clue employee from the roster below and for a $500 donation, we’ll be your personal, hanging, human billboard for the occasion! First in, best dressed (in your shirt of course) – so secure your spot and call us now on 08 9368 0777.

*Not a real promise; more of humorous comment. 
** PG Rating please - we reserve the right not to wear the shirt if we feel it's unsuitable for the occasion. (eg. potty mouth language, nipple holes, printed arm tattoos etc). Large sizes recommended incase we need to layer-up underneath.

So, without further ado, meet our warriors:

Anthony "The Noble" Lim

"I like to live dangerously... with cables attached. If I find myself upside down or just plain stuck I promise to take a selfie. So here's one for the bucket list and raising money for a great cause!"


Johannes "Bringer Of Light" Weirather

"Abseiling 220 meters on a (hopefully) sunny day sounds like fun, doesn't it? Well guess what, I'm not doing it for the enjoyment. Not everyone is as fortunate and is in a position to to be physically able. Be a good samaritan, make a difference and donate a bit of money to help to the cause of Anglicare WA. I'm jumping off a building, the least you can do is pay for me to jump!"


Brant "Where's My Keys" Ward

"I mean... why wouldn't you want to leap off a building with your body secured with a couple of ropes? So help us out, and donate some money for a good cause."


To find out more about Anglicare WA, and learn what your amazing donation will go towards, please visit:

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

Sincerely, Clue Design

View the Clue Design Team page

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