Browser and Device trends for Australia - 2015 in Review

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In this article we look at the make-up and trends in Internet traffic in Australia. The last 12-months are showing some interesting directions.


The chart below shows that mobile devices make up more than 37% of all traffic. These figures have remained fairly constant for the last 12 months, and reinforce that having a mobile-friendly and responsive website is critical.

Device comparison of amount of web traffic in Australia, Dec 2014 to Dec 2015

Top 9 browsers in Australia in 2015

An analysis of device vendors shows that Apple is the strong leader with Samsung taking the majority of the remainder; these two vendors owning 88%.

Top Device Vendors in Australia in 2015

This contrasts significantly to our neighbours in Asia where Samsung leads on 33% and Apple has only 14%. Even the home of Apple, North America, does not have such high market penetration.


This chart shows that by far the leading browser is Chrome. It is followed in second place by Safari. This is a significant shift from just 4 years ago when Internet Explorer had dominance.

Of note as well, in the Smartphone and Tablet arena Chrome has grown from 21% to 28% while the Android browser has fallen from 9% to 5%. This indicates that users on the Android platform are preferring Chrome.

Top 9 browsers in Australia in 2015

As of 13 January 2016, Microsoft will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10. Many web developers hope that this will encourage users to move to browsers with better standards compliance. Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, has only 1.6% share at December 2015.

Search Engines

Google remains the dominant search engine growing at 94%. In Tablet and Smartphone devices Google’s leadership is even stronger at 96%.

Top 5 search engines across devices in Australia in 2015

Social Media

Facebook remained the leader in Social Media with market share of 83% overall and 88% on mobile devices. There are a number of second-tier players that have traded ranking over the last 3 years but Facebook has solidified its leadership position.

Social Media sites popularity in 2015 (Australia)

What does it all mean?

There are a number of key messages for website owners:

  • The use of Smartphones and Tablets is significant. Websites should be Responsive and optimised for mobile users. Without good responsive performance the user experience of more than 1-in-3 users is going to be poor.
  • There is movement in the browser market with Chrome currently the most popular browser. Given the changes over the last 3 years, websites need to be periodically reviewed for how they look and behave in light of changing visitor behaviour.
  • In Search, Google remains number 1 and continues to grow. Efforts in Search Engine Optimisation need to focus on Google and as an advertising medium, Google represents by far the biggest opportunity.
  • In Social Media, Facebook remains number 1 and over the last 3 years has solidified that position. At present, social media marketing needs to focus on Facebook but given the rapid shifts in the industry as a whole it is prudent to watch other social media products.

What does the future hold?

Predicting the future is near impossible and clearly Microsoft, with Internet Explorer, and Firefox were unable to foresee the decline ahead for them.

In contrast, Google, Facebook and Apple seem to be able to grow their leadership positions by being innovative and responding to market trends. Often this is via acquisitions which ultimately result in a merge of good ideas under the umbrella of a larger product.

Monitoring of trends and directions is critical for successful online presence. For some businesses this will need to be a monthly activity that is actioned either by an internal team or outsourced to experts. For all businesses it is prudent to at least review online presence and strategy annually.

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