About Clue Design

Our philosophy is to provide innovative and intelligent digital solutions to organisations from conception through to execution and promotion of digital platforms.

Clue Design is a leading Perth-based digital agency, focused on integrating a range of digital services and Mintox® software products to create bespoke digital solutions for our clients.

We’re committed to seeing your company reach its full potential online. Cutting edge design, clever software and targeted marketing have seen us create more than 1600 web and mobile solutions, helping organisations across Australia-and the world-succeed.

We deliver solutions that value-add through clear strategy, creative thinking, clever software, targeted marketing and personalised ongoing support.

Our 20 Year Journey

Clue Design continues to expand the range of digital services on offer while staying at the forefront of innovation for our clients.

Founded in 1997, Clue Design has helped both start-ups and established organisations spanning a range of industries from retail, government, mining, engineering, oil and gas, and marine, to insurance, and legal and finance to drive their sales and increase profits and productivity. Since its inception Clue Design has enjoyed year-on-year growth, quickly expanding from a small office operation into a global company headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, with offices in South East Asia.

Recognising the need for flexible and adaptive user-friendly content management and e-Commerce software, Founder and Director Michael Craig built Mintox®, Clue Design’s proprietary cloud-based software platform, in 1999. Mintox® has grown to become one of the most versatile cloud-based software systems on the market and is testament to Clue Design’s continual evolution and adaptability.

The Team

The Clue Design team brings together software and web developers, technical architects, creative designers, marketing professionals and content specialists to offer integrated client solutions in Australia and beyond.

Together we offer an unrivalled breadth and depth of skills and expansive industry knowledge and expertise. With teams throughout Australasia, our powerful combined knowledge base and experience levels provide you with all of your online needs.

Clue Design Team

Our thirst for knowledge, hunger for experimentation, and passion for cutting-edge ideas has made us a leading provider of software development and digital creative solutions, with a distinguished 20-year track record.

The Clue Design team always looks to innovate, and will never grow complacent. Partnering with Clue Design means growing together, and celebrating successes as a team. We believe that our success is a result of our passion for what we do, our results-driven focus and our commitment to fostering long-term relationships with our clients.


Adaptive e-Business Software

When it comes to innovation, Clue Design won’t settle for second best. Mintox®, our revolutionary proprietary cloud-based software platform, is representative of that.

Whereas other companies often use open source software and free add-on modules, Clue Design uses our very own software platform. Fundamentally, Mintox is a one stop scalable solution that eliminates the need for multiple software applications and is able to scale and adapt as your organisation grows. Clue Design’s skillset, intimate knowledge and ability to innovate and develop a software platform of this kind gives us an unrivalled advantage over our competitors. This translates into increased value for your organisation through a more comprehensive software feature-set, free hosting and infrastructure and continual software upgrades backed by highly specialised and personal support.

Clue Design integrates our range of digital services with our Mintox® Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud-based platform to create digital solutions for our clients. With a diverse range of industries, Clue Design offers a variety of Mintox® solutions to meet your organisation’s objectives. Clue Design has invested over 18 years of research and development and millions of dollars into developing a user-friendly, highly adaptable and scalable cloud-based software platform. 

Visit Mintox.com now, or contact us for an in-depth look at how this incredible software can help your business prosper.

Mintox Software

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