Tips for Increasing Sales Conversions


Sale conversions are comprised of converting potential customers into buyers and increasing sales conversions, instead of just focusing on attracting traffic, can be crucial for online businesses.

Here are some tricks and tips detailing how to increase your sales conversions from your website:

• Display products appropriately- Get visitors to focus immediately on the products that they would be interested in. Display products prominently on the homepage and above the fold. Small descriptions enticing the viewer to click and read further is another element to achieving more sales.

• Situational selling- is one logical and a more convincing way of selling a product or service. The situational sell is a way to propose products and information strictly from the customer's point of view. It puts the visitors at ease, and makes them feel that you are already aware of what they are looking for.

• Call to Action- Get the visitor to take the next step to either contact your business or visit the online booking, sales, enquiries and order pages on your website. You will be surprised how you can instruct the visitor to click on a product or service by using sentences such as “Are you last person in Perth to revamp your website? Contact Clue design today” Even sending out online messages, newsletters or emails can lead to a sale.

• Try Free Shipping- If you offer free shipping indicate this on your home page and prominently on your sales page. Research has shown that free shipping is the second more important consideration for buyers apart from price.

• Fast loading website- Your website should be a fast loading site because the next site is only a click away. Usually graphics, animations, movies and sounds can slow the loading process down. If your site loads slowly, you could lose a potential sale.

• Privacy, Policy, Info- Display your policies, information, About Us and phone numbers on every page as this builds credibility and professionalism.

• Punctuation and Grammar- Spell correctly, write professionally and crosscheck your content before adding onto your website.

Converting your visitors is the ultimate aim of any website. Making the visitor take the desired action is the fulfilment of a process that started from whenever the visitor clicked to come to your site. If you follow our tips and tricks, you could increase your sales conversions dramatically.