Lead Generation- Pro-Active vs Reactive


If you listen to the news reports flying around the globe, we are in difficult times and many people are concerned, however I want to talk to you about some individuals and organisations who are not so concerned and are even looking forward to the year ahead.

Many years ago I was fortunate enough to work with an old sales dog by the name of Big Jim who was a very successful sales person. The highlight of his success was that he never experienced the highs and lows of economic fluctuation regardless of what the economy was doing.

He taught me his secret relating to sales generation: "It doesn't matter what you do to generate your leads, JUST DO SOMETHING'. The day you stop working on generating leads is the day you may as well shut up shop.

His philosophy was simple, pickup the phone, ring your old customers, visit existing customers and call on new businesses or prospects- Just...do...something. The sales you're making now was from the lead generation (pro-active activity) you did two to three months ago and the lead generation you're doing now will become the business you enjoy in the next two or three months.

If you take a "reactive" position to lead generation, then you have left your sales results in the lap of the gods and then you are on what I call a 'hope plan', I hope someone rings, I hope they ask for me, I hope they haven't been to the opposition.

Here's an exercise that will help you to develop a pro-active game plan.

  • Make a list of 100 of your customers and prospects. Try and split it into 50 existing customers and 50 new prospects.
  • In the next month visit (not phone) everyone of the list, don't be selective, start at the top of the list and work down.
  • Just go out and visit them, don't specifically try and sell them anything, just call out to see them and see how they are going, if they are new clients, drop off a brochure on your products etc.
  • If you will ritually do this over the next month, I guarantee you will not feel the effects of a down turn or recession in your industry.
  • But here's the real key to this exercise, why just do it next month, why not do it every month and have a bumper sales year.
  • So take control of your lead generation and implement a pro-active lead program. Until we meet again...have many profitable sales.