Interested in Bulk Email Marketing?

Email Marketing

e-Mail Marketing is one of the most cost efficient methods for direct marketing to your clients, allowing the user to create, send and track email campaigns in just minutes!

With the ability to obtain an immediate response from your client database and gain sophisticated reporting, e-mail Marketing allows you to track, in real-time, who is opening your message and what they are viewing.

Clue Design’s eCampaigner is a powerful web based system which allows clients to build and manage email marketing, communication and database contracts.

Use eCampaigner’s wizard to simply walk and talk you through the main features and steps of the system allowing you to easily and efficiently create your first marketing campaign.

Features Overview:

  • Track who opens your emails
  • Automatically manage bounces and un-subscribes from your list
  • Customisable HTML templates with easy Click & Replace wizard
  • Observe certain links which are being viewed
  • Personalise emails using any database variable
  • Advanced targeting tools
  • Spam Act Compliance
  • Comprehensive Statistics

Sign up for a 30 Day Free Trial and try out eCampaigner yourself! Visit or dedicated eCampaigner site: