How to get customers to buy

Digital Marketing

For most of us, even if you had to spend a little more you would have to know or trust the brand and its reliability. So if you're expecting your customers to buy from your website, you have to think exactly the same way as your customer.

Why should they buy from you? What appeals to them? How do you differ from competitors?

Most web searches/visitors to your site will be thinking the same thoughts:

  • How can I trust you if I don't know who you are?
  • What is going to happen to my personal information/credit card details?
  • How can I contact you in case something goes wrong?
  • Why should I buy from you and not another site?
  • Is your business a serious business?
  • So how do you ensure you are fulfilling their requests?

Informative copy-You have to be absolutely precise when it comes to writing copy about a product or service on your site.
Site Security Information- Provide information about the company in About Us and allow the visitor to view company details, who are the team behind the business and provide information on how the shoppers information will remain secure.
Product Reviews- Laying out honest reviews (even negative) from past customers gives the visitor a valuable insight into the company. It also creates a sense of honesty, trust and integrity.
Risk Free Guarantees- Offering risk-free guarantees will help to ease your customer's worries. This way they know what happens if the product they chose isn't what they wanted, doesn't work or just the regular "What ifs" arise.

If you are able to provide your customers with everything they wish to know and convince them that you are trustworthy, reliable and credible company, you will leave your visitors feeling comfortable and confident within not only your website, but also your product.