Have a SAFE Christmas


These are not the usual injuries such as car accidents but also simple injuries such as getting electrocuted whilst installing Christmas lights and falling when putting up decorations. 

To learn about how you can make your office a safe workplace for yourself and your colleagues, follow these critical steps;

  • Electrical equipment should be turned off. All electrical equipment such as Christmas lights should be upgraded each year, installed appropriately and should be turned off during the holiday period. 350 people get hurt a year putting up or installing Christmas lights due to faulty or worn lights.
  • Alarms on. Don’t forget to turn your alarms on when you close the doors for the last time that year. This prevents typical Christmas break-ins and theft.
  • Climb the ladder carefully. Remind employees to use ladders instead of wobbly or rotating office chairs when hanging tinsel on the walls. During Christmas 1,000 people a year are injured falling while hanging decorations.
  • Designated drivers. Always either book taxis in advance when going out for office drinks or designate a driver. NEVER EVER drink and drive or drive tired. A quarter of all road accidents are sleep-related.
  • Check smoke alarms. You have just spent and arm and a leg on Christmas presents and bonuses, so you don’t want to come back to a burnt down office and have to spend hundreds of thousands fixing it up. Check and re-check fire alarms, blow out Christmas candles around the office, Turn off electrical equipment at the switch and pull the plug to prevent office fires.
  • Lifting the tree. When someone offers to help lift the tree from the car boot, take up that offer. 1,000 people have a Christmas tree accident each year by either putting their back out lifting or dragging Christmas trees.

Contact your local fire or police department for more facts and tips on preventing accidents from occurring around the festive season and we can all have a safe and prosperous Christmas and New Year.