From the Weird to the Wonderful


Whether you thought of the famous black tick that Nike boasts or the "Golden Arches" from McDonalds, that little graphic has worked its wonders because it has left a permanent message in you mind.

A logo is the most impressive element in enhancing the customers of a company as it brings an immediate recognition and symbolisation towards your business; creates a sense of professionalism and can assist in promotion. Tips to designing a logo:

  • Learn what a logo represents: How can a logo represent your business and how can your business benefit from a logo design?
  • A logo must be describable- You need to be able to describe your logo because if you can’t, then how do you expect your customers to explain your business to others.
  • A logo must be memorable- Just like the logos which pop into your head, you want your logo to leave an impression in your customers memory.
  • A logo must be scalable- Your logo should be small and clear enough for company uniforms, hats and headers on newsletters/documents, and simple enough to be able to clearly stand out on billboards, office fronts and even motor vehicle stickers.
  • Learn from others successes and mistakes- Not only learn from them, but also ensure that your logo is distinguishable and completely unique. A large amount of logos appear all too similar these days so stand out from the crowd.
  • Establish your logo design process by hiring a graphic designer- If designing isn't really your forte, employ a graphic designer who is specialised in logo design and company branding.
  • A logo must be effective without colour- Note that different colours can create different effects and moods towards your design and company:
    Blue- Confidence/calmness/security/dignity/honesty
    Black & Grey- Seriousness/Formality/Elegance?Authority/Distinction
    Brown- Earth/nature
    Yellow & Orange- Optimism
    Green- Nature/Heath/Peace/Freshness
    Red- Passion/Courage/Strength
    Pink- Innocence/Softness/Warmth
    Purple- Spirituality/Mystery/Luxury

For more information on how to design a company logo or trademark, or if you are interested in a professional graphic designer to create your logo, please contact Clue Design. 
Check out the cool site logo Design Love for more inspirational logo ideas.