Creating Sales in Tough Times

Digital Marketing

There is a no better or more cost effective and dependable source for sales and business opportunities than the World Wide Web. It’s the perfect channel for communication with a wide audience who are actively searching for your products and services.

Many companies have an online presence but now is the time to focus on your online marketing actives to increase the effectiveness of your website and increase online sales generation.

Online marketing gives businesses the opportunity to evaluate their Return On Investment quickly and accurately, communicate cheaply and instantly (Email Marketing) with future and existing clients, utilise a cost effective and measurable  marketing channel (pay per click marketing) and sell to new markets easily and effectively (Website, Search Engine Optimisation).

So if you want to take action before the economy takes over your business, here are some tips to consider when contemplating how the online world can assist with your business sales:

• Maintaining and attracting clients- Retain future or existing client contacts and details by getting in touch with clients regularly. Prove to them what you can offer and how they can benefit from your business. Examples include sending monthly newsletters, presenting clients with specials, new products and services, strategies and online brochures.

• Implement SEO Search Engine Optimisation for a higher Return On Investment. - SEO can offer a higher Return On Investment than nearly any other marketing strategy, online or offline. The internet is the new advertising medium and with SEO, businesses can target their specific demographics, capture new business and be found by existing customers, expose brands and stay ahead of competitors.

• Spend less on print directories- Some traditional forms of advertising including the print yellow pages are on the decline with internet advertising climbing significantly. Web Marketing can be a lot cheaper and more effective than print marketing. While figures will vary across different industries and global markets, survey after survey shows that Search Engine Marketing is currently the most economic and measurable form of marketing for many businesses. Review your expenditure in relation to print advertising and reassess whether advertising in a directory is still performing as well as it was.

• Optimise your website content- A well-optimised web page gets you much higher listing in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN and being in the top ten listings of a search page will attract more visitors to your site. When your content is “optimised” you have more of a chance for search engines to find you and in turn endorse your business and generate greater sales.

• Communication- Constant communication is the key to high-quality customer relations.
Update your clients on any new products or services you may offer and explain to them how they can once again benefit from your business.  Email marketing provides an excellent way of directly sending, presenting and managing messages, campaigns, strategies and newsletters to stakeholders whilst tracking who is opening the message. Communication allows a two-way flow of information, opportunities to be recognised and awareness of what the competition is up to.

By following these simple tips, you could save your business, increase sales and ride the slowing economy instead of slowly sinking.