Clue's Community


Whether it be students who are currently studying IT, design or programming at Tafe, high school or university and wish to get a little more real-life experience; or undergraduates studying PR and marketing, Clue Design are committed to providing the community with opportunities.

Clue Designs Internship/Work Experience Program

Clue Design are currently networking with International universities and allowing international students to come and work within the company for IT experience and practice.

Already Clue Design has employed over five international students and numerous Australian students from around Western Australia who have undergone their practical training for 8 weeks within the company.

Each student has benefited from working in a real-life corporate environment by learning various projects such as: assisting in designing websites, attending professional client meetings, learning how to utilise products such as Mintox Adaptive Content Management System and e-Mail Campaigner, updating the company news page, assisting in developing Clue News, amongst other tasks.
For more information on Clue Design's internship or work experience program, please contact the helpful staff at Clue Design today.